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3D Decorative Panel

bring your walls to life with modern and contemporary textured wall designs

What are your choices when you want to give a room some pizzazz and make it stand out from the ordinary? Paint is the old standby, but if you’re honest with yourself, after being in just about any painted room for more than a few minutes, it begins to look like all the rest regardless of what color you choose. Wallpaper is always an option, but that often requires bringing in a high-priced professional if you want to end up with a good-looking job. How about some custom interior trim or perhaps adding wainscoting and a chair rail? Those can be great choices, but once again, costs can escalate unless you happen to be handy with a table saw or have a good health insurance plan.

Fortunately, you now have another option to add to your list: decorative wall panels from metal lamanited panel. This panel is made with colorful POLYMER FILM and cold rolled sheet, rich patterns, light weight and reasonable price. 

Metal Wall Panel Locations

Decorative metal wall panels fit the architectural style and decor of many building types and locations.

◎ Hotels

◎ Bars and Entertainment Loations

◎ Office Buildings

◎ High End Retail Stores

◎ High Rise Condominiums

◎ Museums

◎ Conference Rooms and Meeting Spaces

wood Grain

Marble Grain

3D pattern

3D Color

Original Grain


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